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deadline. senate leader harry reid said test vote on the democratic proposal has been postponed until tomorrow afternoon, but will lawmaker still have time to agree before tuesday's deadline? brian moore has the latest from washington. >> it was a day of high drama at the capitol. and intense behind-the-scenes negotiations at the white house. with tuesday's debt ceiling deadline looming and no deal on the table, republican leaders reveal they are talking again with president obama. >> the only way we will get an agreement before tuesday is to have an agreement with the president of the united states. >> senate majority leader harry reid scheduled an overnight test vote for his own plan, but republicans united to prevent a final vote. senator reid decided to try again on sunday. >> i spoke with the white house quite a few times this evening.
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>> still, the house preemptively shot the bill down before it even got off the ground. >> the rules are not suspended and the bill is not passed. >> finding a bill that will pass is no easy task. >> here we are on the brink of economic disaster and we are wasting time with symbolic the better. -- symbolic theater. >> the maryland congressional delegation is also weighing in on the deck showdown. shelton dutes continues our team coverage in the studio. >> center been carton is worried if the deal will get done of a second. -- senator ben cardin is worried if the deal will get done by the second. >> if we do not meet or obligations by tuesday, the united states of america will
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default and we will become a debtor nation. >> the funds have been ringing off the hook at senate and congressional offices. >> my seniors are worried about their social security checks. i have students worried about student loans. homeowners are worried about their mortgage payments going up. people are worried. >> people are frustrated. they want us to get it done. the general theme is, get it done. work out compromises that are needed. >> democrats and republicans cannot seem to reach a consensus. >> we cannot hope to solve this problem if we are going to use the same old tricks that washington uses on budgets. we need a balanced budget amendment. >> maryland delegate are laying out their plans at the clock continues to tick toward the deadline. >> we do not want to go through this again. this has been very damaging to
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our country. >> make sure you saw the issues related to lifting our debt ceiling and also providing the certainty to make sure that our bond rating is not dropped. >> we need something that indicates will have permanent accountability to the american people. no accounting tricks, no budget gimmicks. >> i would love to see some revenue. in other words, loopholes closed. >> still confused by the debt debate? you are not alone. we have a simple guide online. just had to our website, -- head to our website, >> more fallout from the stint investigation at the hospital.
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jeffrey norman became ceo in the fall of 2009. the hospital pay the federal government $22 million to settle claims of a kickback scheme, and many patients are still in litigation. the hospital released a statement that said the path that has led st. joseph to a firmer footing. norman will serve his post through august 22. a man is still missing after he went into a pasadena creek. rescue workers were called to the stony creek area just before 5:30 p.m. this afternoon. maryland natural resources staff said the men went into the crate but never resurfaced. police are still trying to determine if he made it too short. there is no word yet as to his identity. firefighters were busy this afternoon with a single house fire in baltimore.
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it happened on fourth street in brooklyn just after 1:30 p.m. firefighters rescued a cat from inside the home. it took them about 30 minutes before they could get the fire under control. there is no word on the extent of damage. because of the fire remains under investigation. a high school basketball star an honor roll student has been laid to rest after an apparent accidental shooting. he was killed when a gun went off at a brooklyn home last wednesday. >> at the young age of 18, marcus could apparently lot of our room and light up lives as well. just ask the other players on the basketball team. >> he inspired all of us to be better players. i saw him as a big brother. >> respectful, polite, generous. those were the words used to describe a young basketball star and honor roll student, now gone. >> he had a very great future ahead of him.
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>> i want to dedicate this season to him. he will be our sixth man all season long. we will play with the chip on our shoulder. >> they wore their jerseys at the emerald for markets. no moment seemed more touching than when coach russell ended his eulogy with a song, but could not finishe it. [applause] a tribute to a port on the court, a future now gone.
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-- a forward on the court. prosecutors are meeting police to decide whether or not to classify the case as an accidental shooting. a teenaged girl is recovering after an accidental shooting in east baltimore. investigators say the 15-year- at girl was shot in the neeknee about 11:45 p.m. last night. baltimore police are investigating two separate cripple shootings, one deadly. investigators their 31-year-old man was shot this morning in northeast baltimore. he was rushed to bayview, where he died. a short time later, police learned to others were also shot at the same location. a late-night shooting in west baltimore ins with three people shot. have been around 11:30 p.m. last night -- it happened around 11:30 p.m. last night. the victims were taken to the
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hospital with non life- threatening injuries. investigators have no suspects or possible motive in either shooting. anyone with information is urged to call baltimore police. the search continues for a suspect after a man is found shot to death inside the trunk of a parked car. it was discovered in east baltimore. investigators say the victim suffered from a gunshot wound to the head. he was pronounced dead at the scene. those who live in the area say they are used to hearing about incidents like this. >> that have no regard for other people's lives. it is sad. >> no word on a possible motive, and the victim's identity has not been released. if you have any information on this case, you are asked to call baltimore city police. the condition of the construction worker injured in that deadly accident in anne arundel county has been upgraded to fair.
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the 25-year-old man was seriously injured when a 25-ton concrete wall collapsed at the site of the new arundel mills slot parlor. another man was killed when the wall somehow fell on him as he worked on a lift at the site. a centerpiece in a ninth residence at an annual celebration. a mysterious disappearance, and police consider -- continue their search for a missing 11- year-old. >> i am really hopeful that it will become even clearer that the way the evidence was handled was inappropriate. this has all been a big mistake. >> remain hopeful, the parents of amanda knox praying in their daughter will be exonerated. the courtroom battle that drew a judge during the drudg courtroom proceedings.
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>> it is more comfortable out there. bwi marshall at 78. still 89 downtown, kind of warm. the humidity has dropped off,
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>> art and cars met the road today in northeast baltimore at the hamilton street festival and car show. it featured vintage automobiles, arts and crafts, live music, and plenty of good food. the centerpiece is a huge sunflower mural that covers the intersection of hamilton avenue and harford road. >> we decided to use sunflowers to unify our commercial district. our community is very involved and are commercial district. -- involved in our commercial district. >> it took a dozen artists about four hours to complete the mural. and ever changing roster could be -- to detail the new ravens. another earthquake has dropped to the already devastated japan. details ahead. >> we look at the radar and we see nothing going on here, all
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the rain is further south and in virginia and south carolina. virginia and south carolina. we w
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>> faa officials say two small planes collided over alaska today. there is no word on any injuries sustained to those on the second plane. is the second small plane collision in the area this month. the fbi is offering a $25,000
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reward in hopes of finding a young girl from new hampshire. the 11-year-old girl has been missing for five days. she was last seen monday night at her home computer, and then she vanished. her family returned to their home today after investigators conducted a search. police say there is no indication that she ran away or that someone took her. a battle today during the courtroom battle over the amanda knox trial. experts have argued there were serious errors in the collection and storage of evidence, making it inadmissible in court. >> i am calling to request a review of the evidence. it means that the appellate court has already made an initial determination that the evidence used to convict amanda in trial level was flawed. >> knox is serving a 26-year
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prison sentence for murdering her roommate, a conviction largely based on dna evidence. people in japan are recovering from another earthquake. the earthquake struck the same area affected by the massive earthquake in sanaa be -- earthquake and tsunami on march 11. so far there have been no reports of injury or structural damage. >> today was not quite as timid, but it was still hot. we got close to the record. 96 was a high at bwi marshall. it mated to 97 at the inner harbor. morning lows were 76 and 83. -- it made it to 97 at the inner harbor. we have some readings in the orange area in the potomac river basin and it is dropping into the 70's and 60's out in the mountains to the west of us.
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the satellite image shows some storms to the south. drier air coming in from the north, pushing more tropical air down to the south of us. here you see the front down in north carolina, almost south carolina. not really chilly canadian air, but the air in this air mass is dry but it is coming out of the midwest, which has been awfully warm. that is why we are not cooling down all that much. out in the tropics, there is a tropical wave out in the middle of the atlantic ocean about 750 miles away from the caribbean islands. winds are at 35 miles an hour and moving to the west-northwest at about 80 miles an hour. it could become a tropical depression or a tropical storm at some point. something to watch for the rest of the weekend. mostly clear overnight for us.
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64-69 for the overnight low, but with the humidity down, it feels pretty good. some of the lows in the city will be around 70 or 72. north to the northeast winds at about 5 miles an hour and the more northerly wind will hold a temperatures and humidity down during the day tomorrow. partly cloudy skies, the further south we go, the war clouds. 89-93 for the high temperature. a 1 foot shop on the ocean waters. ocean city's forecast, tomorrow's high of 87 with some thunderstorm chances on monday. our forecast also includes a monday thunderstorm chance. high temperatures for tomorrow and monday in the low 90's. wednesday, the rain chances go up, and at the end of the week, some rain chances as well. >> you could not help but think about the movie "the bad news
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bears." >> the orioles put together an effort that even by their standards was pretty bad. the story next in sports. >> live from universal orlando resort, it is powerball. tonight's estimated jackpot $135 million. tonight the multiplier is 2. 55-20-40-47-41. time now for the powerball. tonight that number is 19.
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[ female announcer ] we all go. why not enjoy it a little more with charmin ultra strong? and to help feel fresh and clean, try charmin freshmates. >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> football is a little more fun right now than baseball. awfully noisy today at ravens training camp. joe flacco was not touch.
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the tories smith said he took a few good hits, but he liked it. -- tory smith. so many linemen are not yet available. and defense, a little more continuity. when the regular season begins, the johnson fears he will be even more rested. >> we will get to a situation where these guys can contribute, and will trolly -- we will probably try to waive them off the field. our guys play 100% of the plays, but those guys coming along and being able to contribute is only going to make us better. >> willis mcgahee officially join the broncos today, at $10 million contract.
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at cornerback, the ravens go deep. kelly gregg moves on. the ravens await him earlier this week with the hope he might return for less money, but he did not. he signed a contract with the kansas city chiefs. john harbaugh said today he got an offer he could not refuse. the ravens wish him the best. he is close to his native oklahoma. the orioles grow active as the trade deadline approaches. derrek lee reported to pittsburg and the orioles officially met today and got a trade done. baltimore's first japanese born player found his niche as one of
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the very best in baseball. each new oriole has an immediate role with the team. they are excited about joining the team. the cornerstones of the future in the rotation or both torched today. some shaky defense behind him, but he managed to get just one out. he gave up nine runs as the yankees just embarrassed the birds. 17-3 for the victory. that made crystal month earlier effort look like a gm -- made chris tillman's earlier effort look like a gem.
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the orioles would split the series with a win on sunday. stay with us for another check of the forecast with john coming up right after this. up right after this.
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>> we have been fascinated by your lovely tie. >> there are all times of interpretations. >> the temperatures a little on the warm side, but the minute he is not extremely high. recently comfortable when you consider it is the end of july tomorrow. 91 degrees and sunday. august starts on monday.
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by monday night, we did see some thunderstorms. a higher chance for rain on wednesday and again on friday and saturday. but the humidity and temperatures go down a little bit toward the end of the week. >> august, how did that happen? >> to what was very fast. >> saturday night live is next. have a great night. >> follow breaking news and weather any time tax and stay connected with us on next on c-span, president obama was in las vegas, nevada, last night where he addressed an election rally for senate majority leader harry reid. >> thank you. hello, las vegas. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, nevada. [ cheers and applaus
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